We have created the below itineries which start from Caltagirone, where you can discover some of the wonders of south-central Sicily.

This route starts from the famous Roman mosaics of the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina and ends with the old medieval village of Occhiolà. On this itinery the milestones not to be missed are: the Archaeological Park of Morgantina; The Tea Museum at Raddusa (where you can admire the world's largest cup made by potters from Caltagirone) and the lovely baroque town of Militello.

For a tour of the most interesting villages, we suggest you start at Vizzini, to wander along the streets and so relive the places of Giovani Verga. Then continue to the two villages known as being among the most beautiful in Italy: Palazzolo Acreide and Ferla. And finally, visit the nearby town of Buscemi, known as the “Typical Sicilian Village”

For a journey to discover the places of Montalbano, famous detective character of Andrea Cammilleri, start from Donnafugata and continue toward Puntasecca; Next stop at Scicli, one of the oldest baroque cities; then Modica, famous for its homemade chocolate and finally indulge in a pasty “un'impanata” typical of Ragusa, or an arancino Montalbano, and best enjoyed in the historical setting of Ragusa Ibla.

For passionate art fans we propose an unusual tour which combines into a single itinerary which includes the classical art of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with the modern Cultural Park Farm of Favara

Have a good trip!