Case Carruggiu

Caltagirone is a historic city and offers several special places worth visiting. Besides the usual attractions, there are many other things to see, which can easily escape your eyes! For this purpose we offer the experience of living in a "Carruggiu" alleyway which is so narrow that occasionally just two people together can just pass. The lanes form a type of interwoven maze similar to the traditional nativity scene. It is said that this enabled Caltagirone to defend itself against invaders who ended up disoriented! The "narrow lanes" really give the feel of the ancient world and offer great views of the city. All our homes offer this experience because each has a direct visual relationship with the "Caruggiu" lanes and a panoramic view over the rooftops of the city.

What you find


Equipped Kitchenette.

Sofa bed

Relaxation Area.

Master bedroom

Cozy and Comfortable.


Relaxing outdoor space and panoramic views.


Bathroom with shower and complete with all accesories.

Air conditioning

Autonomous control - Heating and Cooling.


Complete set of bed linen and towels.


Tv in relax area.